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fantoush | WHO WE ARE
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fantoush | WHO WE ARE
Edinburgh based Interior Design and Upholstery studio
interiors, interior designer, upholsterer, upholstery, fretwork headboard, furniture designer, property developments, Edinburgh
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I started Fantoush after a lifelong lusting after beautiful things.  After years in front of a computer, I decided to follow my heart and pursue a career in interiors and so began the long and hard road of training as an upholsteress.  After qualifying, I expanded my skills to interior design and in 2012 joined forces with Edinburgh property developer, Simon Sumner to create sister company Fantoush Developments Ltd, specialising in the renovation of period properties.


I believe that you don’t need to be a gazillionaire to own individual and gorgeous things; we don’t all have to have cookie cutter homes and what’s more, we no longer want to. In the last few years we have been waving farewell to that vortex of beige and embracing self-expression through our homes. At Fantoush we help you channel your ideas, inspire you with ours and  provide the expertise to create the best possible version of your home.


I am always looking for inspiration and new and exciting products – if you are a maker, artist, designer and would like to collaborate, please get in touch.


Emily Smoor



Fantoush Interiors